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About Billet d'O

Highly treasured

Like a passionate love letter overflowing with adoration, a Billet d’O speaks from within. It is a highly treasured symbol of confidence and a declaration of love to oneself.

Our handmade designs convey a touch of amour-propre and are a celebration of the uniqueness of your personality. Treating yourself to a limited edition Billet d'O is a sincere form of flattery and a gift to what you stand for.

Open up your heart to Billet d’O, and express your love. It will be a life changing experience that will enhance your identity. Don’t wait any longer – your Billet d’O is here to be cherished.

Our style

Sensitivity for texture-rich designs

Imagine something that fits like a glove, something that feels so natural that you can hardly even feel it at all. Your Billet d’O will be an extension of yourself, almost like a second skin.

In order to establish this unique feeling, we invest a great deal of time in finding the perfect fabric for every creation. It does not matter how far we have to travel or how long our journey takes us. We go above and beyond to make every design worthy of your persona. Perfection is what we strive for.

Discover our collections and experience it for yourself.